How to Reset Windows 8/8.1 Login Password Easily

How to Crack Windows 8/8.1 Login Password Easily.

Hi...Friends this post helps you to crack windows 8/8.1 Login password on laptop and pc when you forgot your login password without loss of any data....
Before starting the process you should have Bootable Pendrive (USB device)or any Bootable disk with windows 8/8.1 32 -bit or 64-bit suitable for your OS.
If you have Bootable pen drive then open Boot option in your laptop or in a desktop you have to manage Boot Sequence. firewatch pc games free download.
  • For Boot Sequence:  
  1.  Turn on PC. and press F2 or DEL key simultaneously or whatever your system says for BIOS settings. It will open BIOS settings.
  2.  Go to Boot tab and manage Boot sequence. If you are using Pendrive then place your Removable Pendrive on a 1st place or if you are using DVD then place your CD-ROM on 1st place. Save and exit.
  3.   Now restart your PC. It will ask you to press any key to Boot from CD or USB.

In Laptop you have to select Boot Option. Different vendors laptop use different keys for Boot Option. In some laptops, F2 is working or in some F12 is working. In some DEL key also.

Note : If you follow this then you are going loose your encrypted files.

Step 1: Open boot menu then select your USB device.


Step 2: You can see there Windows logo and then Windows Setup pops-up. and there click on next.

Windows 8

step 3:  Now click Repair Your computer. 

Repair Windows 8

Step 4: Now click on Troubleshoot option.

Troubleshoot windows 8

Step 5: There you will see Advancec option. Now click on that and then click on Command prompt and type command  c: then hit enter.
Now type cd/windows/System32 and hit enter.
And then type ren utilman.exe utilman.exe.bak then hit enter.
And type copy cmd.exe utilman.exe and hit enter. visit for mini militia pro download.

Command Pompt

Step 6: Now close command prompt and restart your laptop or PC and click on Negotiator symbol.  It will automatically open a command prompt. see below image.

Crack password

step 7: Now type command net user USERNAME password and hit enter. Here you are changing a password of USERNAME. 
For Example net user Chirag chirag123. Here Chirag is your username and chirag123 is your new password. You have to remember your new password.

Password by techgot

Step 8: If you don't know username of the device then type command net user and hit enter.There you will see all users of the device. If you want to logon with excisting user then follow Step 7. 

If you want to create a new user account then follow below steps.

  • In command prompt type net user NEWUSER 123456 /add
For adding this account in administrators usergroup type.ney 
  • Type command net localgroup Administrators NEWUSER /add

Here NEWUSER is your account name and 123456 is your password. 
Now you can login with this account and password. Call of duty ww2 free download.  visit for download pc games free.



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